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Z1 Inner Fender Polish and shine

Posted by Adriana on

Hi Adriana,

Last night I was whining to Green Eyes, my wife of 32 years,

She handed me a glass of wine and said “Please - you’re wearing out my ears”,

“What am I going to do, it’s not shiny all around?”,

“Go to Home Depot, buy some polishing compound”,

Early morning I was on my way,

I had a feeling this was to be a good day,

3M Scratch Doctor + a soft 4 inch diameter polishing wheel,

At 600 rpm it was the real deal,

In 30 minutes the dullness was no more,

On the bike and out the door!

Seriously, I did have an idea last night, thinking about how cars with clear coat finishes are rubbed out when they have some dullness here and there. Scratch Doctor, made by 3M, is a very gentle polishing compound specifically compounded for for clear coats. It is not a rubbing compound. I wiped a little on the fender surface and using a really soft, 4 inch diameter polishing wheel, with light pressure, running at 600 rpm in my drill press, after 30 minutes I could not believe my eyes. The fender looks really bright and shiny all over and it is now on the bike. The key was to apply the compound in a thin film to the fender surface, use light pressure, low speed to avoid heating up the ABS plastic, combined with a lot of patience, and the results in the attached photos speak for themselves.

I truly appreciate your consideration in offering to accept a postage reimbursed return but there is no need for that now.

I am assembling another order .