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Z1 Parts Inc 2018 Black Friday Savings !!

Posted by Z1 Parts Team on

Kawasaki H2 750 Bikes

Check out these awesome H2 750 bikes.....

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Z1 Inner Fender Polish and shine

Hi Adriana, Last night I was whining to Green Eyes, my wife of 32 years, She handed me a glass of wine and said “Please - you’re wearing out my ears”, “What am I going to do, it’s not shiny all around?”, “Go to Home Depot, buy some polishing compound”, Early morning I was on my way, I had [...]

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Providing Great Service to our customers - Z1 Parts Inc.

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service .we buy a lot of parts from the US from various suppliers as part of our business and you guys are far and away the best operation.Just a happy customer commentCheers GrahamThank you Graham, we appreciate the feedback and thank you for you business !- Z1 Parts [...]

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1976 Z900 Restoration

Thanks for the shout out Arpad !! was our pleasure to assist you with restoring your beauty, I look forward to working with you again.

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Finished Z1 900 - Glenn

"Adriana, thought you may like to see the finished project.Thanks again for all your support."Glenn.Its always nice to see our customers finished projects, I'm glad to hear we could help make this happen for him.It was truly a great pleasure helping you find all the parts needed for you t finish this beauty.Thank you Glen [...]

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Z1 900

Here is one of our customers bikes... Awesome job!!I am guessing you are into ZED's here's a photo of my Z900, it is a replica of a bike that was made for an Australian bike movie in the 70's - STONE.(it is worth watching, very 70's)

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First Blog POst

Welcome to our new site and blog!We are updating a few things so please bear with us!

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